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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Generational Ill Effects of Social Inequality: Hints About the Possible, Even Probable, Long Lasting Ill Effects of Income Inequality

I believe that a mother's stress and distress
(good stuff too)pass to her unborn baby. I believe that in womb process and also experiences very early in life may switch on and off certain long term patterns of development. I suspect that such processes evolve to help us to survive. Survival is vital, but to us quality of life is also very important.

Effects of early experience are long lasting

The effects of widening income differences in a society are, I believe, very long lasting.

A significant number of sociologists are more and more convinced That inequality has led to long term deterioration of a variety of kinds of personal relationships.

The statistics that inequality leads to ill health are convincing (check some of my earlier tweets). The evidence that early ill health leads to long term developmental changes in children is strengthening.

Start checking out the available literature. Let me know what you find.


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