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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Gebhard von Blucher, called a handsome devil, was a Prussian who became a duke and then a prince.  He twice led armies which fought armies led by Napoleon: once at Leipzig in 1814 and once at Waterloo in 1815. Leipzig was Napoleon's first loss and Waterloo his last. 
At Leipzig perhaps 100,000 men were killed. I'm pretty sure that combatants were not killed on that scale until WWI.

I call Buluche a Balt as I tend to call many Prussians and others who's ancestors came from the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. At least as early as the Roman Republic the people on those shores where noted as a distinctive people. Some of them may have been related to earlier Celtic herdsmen.

In case you were wondering, pollarded willows are willows which have been trimmed for fodder or fuel from season to season, and dragoons are mounted warriors or cavalrymen. At the battle of Waterloo it was probably easier to see a dragoon or an pollarded will than it was to see a Wellington.

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