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Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's Our Fault

After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Californians became more conscious San Andeas fault. The San Andreas is estimated to be at least 800 miles long and about ten miles deep. From the air, the straight line of it across our desert is clear.

There are places along the fault where water wells up. At some of those places an oasis may be found with beautiful native palms and perhaps a small pool. Earthquakes originating in the fault can so shake the desert hills along it, that landslides created there raise so much dust that i looks as though those hills are on fire.

Sometimes I think that the mass of Mount San Gorgonio as a great peg. A peg so blocking movement along the fault as to cause dangerous stress to build up. Mostly;y, Californians don't let the fault concern them much. Andrew Lawson, the Berkeley professor who did much to document the aftermath of the San Francisco quake, had his house built on top of a part pf the fault that runs along the Berkeley hills.

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