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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It Was Constantinople

Now it's Istanbul: but it's Byzantium to me.
What is the only city to lay on two continents?

Can change be constant?
Change is coming to "What Then?"

That's right. Change is coming to this blog.
I intend that "What Then?" become "Our Story."

I was going to make "Our Story" a Word Press blog, but that looks to be more change than I am prepared to handle at this time. So, I will continue to be a blogspot blogger for now.

The focus of "Our Story" will be on:
~ History
~ Politics
~ Family Tree
~ People, Places, Travel

As you might see, the content of "Our Story" will be much like that of "What Then." However, I expect "Our Story" to be more trim and focused.

Expect change. I hope to make the change a slow morph. Part of the slow morph will be the deleting of posts that are not consistent with the content outlined above.

Please feel free to help me or to offer help. I lack the skills and knowledge of a web-master. I need help in setting up and maintaining this blog. I lack writing skills. I need a proofreader. I am getting more forgetful than ever. I need a reminder. In a great many cases, I am just plain ignorant and need correction and teaching. Please help. Right here on this blog, using the comment function, is one good place to help.

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