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Sunday, July 22, 2012


A few happenings of that year:
~ Herbert Hoover was President of the United States
~ U.S. population reached 120 million must be well over 300 million today)
~ Dow reached a peak of 381.17 on September 3rd prior to the slide and eventual Wall Street crash in October.
~ Cost of first class postage stamp 2 cents (when was the last time you say a cent sign?)
~ Bread cost 10 cents (for a good sized loaf)
~ Popeye, a comic strip character created by Ezi Crisler, made his debut.
~ Academy awards. popularly known as the Oscars, were started
~ "The Broadway Melody" became the first major musical film of the sound era
~ The soft drink 7-Up was invented by Charles Lieper Grigg
~ The first car radio was made by Motorola
~ Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin
~ The firs public phone booths appeared in London

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