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Saturday, June 16, 2012

People Power

What is people power? What is meant by 'power to the people?" What might useful answers to these question look like.?

A people power revolution I have some memory of is the overthrow of our surrogate leader in the Philippines. In the 1980s there were a series of popular demonstrations in Manila. Our man Marcos was chased from the Islands to our shores. The Phillippinen people were free of that regime, but we added a bit of economic punishment to our ongoing explotation of the Phillippine people.

A result was that a certain few Americans maintained a special advavatage and a few Phillippinos were allowed some advantage. Many Philloppinos were disadvantaged.

What lessons might citizens of the Islands have learned? Do you believe that with a little research and thought there are valuable lessons to be learned here beyond the obvious ones?

Here are a couple of questions to get you started:
~ What advantage do we gain when we vote to 'throw the rascals out?'
~ What were the long range plans of the French people prior to their revolution?

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