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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hot Water

There are those who seem to be able to get into hot water wherever they go.

In Uruguay, for example, one can head west from Montevideo on a comfortable bus and in a day get to the City of Salto in the State of Salto. Within easy striking distance from that city are a number of 'Termas,' pleasant and comfortable sites with facilities for hot water bathing. There are lots of pools. I understand that wells were sunk in holes of finding oil; hot water is what was found.

Do you know how close Montevideo is to Buenos Aires? The hot water one woman got into in B.A. caused here to have to explain to her husband why her relationship with her Tango instructor wasn't grounds for divorce.Do you know how much closer  yet the picturesque Uruguayan city of Colonia is to BA? Who could get into hot water on the ferryboat ride to Buenos Aires? If she doesn't care for hot water bathing you could promise her a tango in the home of the tango.

On the way to Salto I have found it rewarding to stop at the very Uruguayan city of Paysandu. Paysandu may not be the most Uruguayan town in Uruguay, but it will do. In my book Paysandu is a city, but compared to London or Buenos Aires it may seem a town. An overnight stay in Paysando is not expensive. You can get a great meal there with a passable wine for what you might pay for 'fast food' elsewhere. A simple, but adequate, room can also be had for a comparable price.

Just across the river from Salto is Argentina. Looking,one may find a casino there.

The three main 'termas' or bathing places are Salto Grande, Arapey, and Dayman. Take time to check them all out. If you have rented a car, that will be very easy. For me, accept on certain holiday weekends, Dayman is usually the plays of choice. Dayman is the one closest to Salto, the one with the most restaurants and hotels, and with plenty of pools. I get from my hotel to the public pools in my bathrobe, At Dayman the water temperature is high enough and the prices are low enough. If you have youngsters with you, there is a water-park in close driving distance

If you keep your eyes open you may see fine horse, a fine woman, a man who knows his mate, and kids can play 'futbol.'

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