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Friday, June 1, 2012

ACA Meetings

ACA groups tend to focus on understanding the specific behavior and attitude patterns we develop while growing up.

Attendees working the Steps begin to see more clearly that which is positive and healthy in themselves.

Experience, strength, and hope is shared among attendees.

Each meeting and each meeting group is different. Many will be a good fit for you, some will not. Try a few.

In meetings we: found hope, found out about recovery, learned about awareness, and learned about 're-parenting' ourselves. We practiced expressing hurts and fears and got rid of shame and blame. We learned we could be successfully responsible for the solution to our problems. We let a bit more joy, serenity, and happiness into our lives.

We learned that 'group consciousness' could be a powerful help. We learned new lessons from old experiences. We found effectiveness. We raised our consciousness of reality, awareness, love, acceptance, and more.

We became better livers. 


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