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Monday, May 28, 2012

Notes I've Taken From the Work of Joel Garreau

Of the Nine Nations of North America, "New England" might be the poorest. The fine, air-tight, cast-iron stove made by Vermont Castings may have been motivated by a cold butt.

The picturesque farms and pink Beaches of Queens County on Prince Edward Island bring a kind of richness to summer visitors.

"New England" for all its seeming lack of wealth may be leading us into this post industrial period. A significant number of New Englanders are telling us that 'recreational wilderness' may be the scarcest commodity on Earth.

Is Raytheon still working in N. E.?

Is Pawtucket, Rhode Island the first town in North America to have a factory with a polluted river next to it?

I know I am using Mr Garreau's words. I hope I am giving him proper credit.

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