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Thursday, May 17, 2012

North America

Some years ago my old friend, Dr. Dennis, loaned me a book. I haven't returned it, but I have finally read it. Joel Garreau wrote it. It was published in 1981 under the name The Nine Nations of North America.  Garreau makes the argument that the people of North America have a growing consciousness that they are as much of a part of one or another of his 'Nine Nations' as they are of a given state or country.

You might find it instructive to take a look  at his map and list of 'nations.' You might even find some pleasure or food for thought in reading this work by Garreau.

He placed the following quote early in the book too:
- A nation is the desire of a great many individuals
    to do great things together. -
   Marcel Rioux

States and countries still matter a great deal, but the times they are a changin'.

I see that many people have a growing sense of Garreau's Nine Nations even though he noted them before our present consciousness of the www. For example statements of his like, "Vancouver shares far more with Seattle than it does with Halifax, Nova Scotia." rings true, as  does "And the proud but poor Maritimes are in the same boat as New England."

I'll post a bit more about this book later.

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