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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

From Tinnitus to Dialogue

I started looking at some information about tinnitus and found myself looking at associated info about nutrition, acupuncture, cognitive therapy, family roles, and on to  self-help groups. Self help groups lead me to dialogue info.

Self-help groups have learned a lot about effective, non- adversarial dialogue in a democratic mode. Some hints on effective and pleasant dialogue I've gleaned from the tinnitus self-helps group info are listed below. Early in the process:
~ Take time to write out topics attendees think they'd like to hear discussed.
~ Facilitator shares here vision for the group dialogue.
~ Others share their vision for the group.
~ Encourage a 'buddy' system for communication outside group dialogue time.
~ Make the group easy to enter and easy to leave.
~ Raise the awareness of the value of sharing quality thoughts that are productive and useful.
~ Give some examples of unproductive sharing.
~ Consider inviting communication specialists to speak to the group.
~ Share leadership chores widely.
~ Consider that a dialogue my provide the best, almost free, help you are likely to get.
~ Many people want to attend meetings but wait for another to get the ball rolling.

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