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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Ice Age Continued

You may remember that I decided that a look at  historic happenings before, during, and after The Little Ice Age may provide useful information about how we adapted to associated climate changes.

[800 AD to 1200]
The first Moroccan Dynasty and the writing of El Cantar de Mio Cid took place between 789 and 987 AD. Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor 800 t0 814. Vikings establish a powerful sphere in influence in Russia 860 t0 870. 874 Vikings settle in Iceland. 900 Maya move into the Yucatan peninsula. 900 Arabs introduce opium to China. About 935 there was a long solar eclipse. Great Mosque of Cordoba built in Spain 976. Eric the Red founds south Greenland colony. 985 to 100 Vikings in North America. 1000 marked an abrupt warming period. About 1010 Vikings stopped going to North America. 1022 Supernova. 1030 to 1070 much building of roads and irrigation works around Chaco Canyon.
1033 Great Pilgrimage from Europe to Jerusalem. 1053 Anasazi record supernova explosion that formed the Crab Nebulae. 1066 Halley's Comet. In 1066 the earth was warmer than it is now. 1077 large sunspots reported in China. 1095 first Christian Jihad. The extraordinary sunspot activity between 1100 and 1387 is now know as the Medieval Maximum. 1158 to to 1710 infilling of Lake Cahuilla to sea level in So. Cal. 1200s leprosy outbreak in Europe. 1200 approximate peak of sunspot activity.

This quick survey is turning into a lot of work. Some of the happenings do seem to be suggestive of areas for study and research. Do you wish I had give sources for my information? Just because I say it doesn't make it true or well supported.

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