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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Ice Age: continued to climax?

Let's see if I can stand typing long enough to get the rest of this down.

[1300 to 1700] I'm calling this the during portion:
Casa Grande was used as a trading and religious center by Hohokam people in what is now Arizona after 1300. 1300 to 1400 Hopi established in the north of Arizona. Aztecs were established in Tenochtitlan from 1300 to 1375. 1300 to 1850 was a period of severe winters.  Between 1300 and 1500 archaic Lake Cahuilla dried and disappeared. In 1301 an earthquake in North Africa rattled the polished limestone coverings from the biggest pyramids. In the 1320s there was famine in Europe followed by bubonic plague. Between 1330 and 1480 there was flooding and lake formation in the area of so Salton Sea, California. 1362 volcanic eruption of Orefaokull in Iceland. 1381 Peasant's Revolt in England. 1400 to 1510 Spoere Minimum of sunspot activity. 1420 large movement of of the southern end of the San Andres fault in California. 1418 to 1460 Portuguese explore African coast. 1438 Incan empire established. 1456 earthquake in Naples,Italy, 60000 dead. 1500 Salton Sea end of old Lake Cahuilla is filled to 26 times its present volume by inflow from the Colorado River. 1556 earthquake in Shensi Province of China,  830,000 dead. Calvinist riots in the Netherlands. Anabaptist form a Communist state led by John Leiden. 1587 to 1591 Second English colony on Roanoke Island, Virginia. 

Well, I see some thread ends which, if taken up, may lead to discovery related to climate change and adaptation to it.

[1800 and onward]
1811 and 1812 great New Madrid earthquake around Missouri. 1812 sever earthquake in So. Cal. 1815 very large hurricane crossed central New England. 1829 Ebenezer Frod, a NY carpenter is the first trade unionist elected to public office.  1833 stars fell in Alabama and on the Great Plains; night became day. 1836  five thousand women cotton mill workers strike in Pittsburgh. 1837 bank panic in US. 1840 Colorado River flooding at Salton Sea. 1846 Potato famine in Ireland. 1850 t0 1860 world hotter than it had been in recent past. 1851 Jeff Davis helps the appearance of camels in desert near present Indio, California. 1861 to 1870 low immigration to US. 1864 British, Dutch, French, and Americans bomb Japan. 1865 Bricklayers', Masons', and Plasters' International founded. 1876 famine in India and Yankee soldiers leave Mississippi. 1879 Joe Hill is born and soon gives us song. 1885 high grass on parts of California high desert. Winter of 1886/'87 very cold on the great Plains. May First 1886 350,000 workers demonstrate for the 8 hour work day. 1886 AFL formed in Columbus, Ohio. 1891 Cahuilla people took part in Indian demonstration that have been called an uprising. 1893 series of sever earthquakes in the Greater Morongo Basin of So. Cal. 1901 to 1910 high immigration into US. 1908 the Tungusk meteorite smashes into Siberia.

Well, in these rather long minutes, I haven't found anything conclusive; but, believe that there is much here that points to areas where fruitful research might be done.

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