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Friday, April 27, 2012

Health Notes To Me

Pain may be a sign that it would be good to relax for a bit right now. Angina is a heart pain that is often a symptom of a cardiovascular disease called atherosclerosis. It's also a notice that it is time to relax a bit. Atherosclerosis is a kind of restriction of blood flow. A restriction of the flow of blood to the heart reduces the quality of life and be can be a killer.

The development of atherosclerosis may be slowed, stopped, and even reversed by increased physical activity accompanied by an improved diet. Angina is a sign that now is a good time to take steps to improve my cardiovascular system; time to get more fit. Another sign if of a possible problem is an unpleasant feeling of constriction or pressure around, or to, the heart. The best way to improve my cardiovascular system seems to be to use it. As aunt Eleanor said, "Use it or lose it." I believe that i CAN TAKE effective ACTION TO REDUCES PROBLEMS indicated by heart discomfort.  Seeing a doctor of medicine or a specialist may be a life saver., but i have yet to learn to deal with a doctor of that sort. One suggestion that a doctor or specialist is likely to make at some point is that I take more physical activity. I can take what sound to be good advice without paying to hear it again.

I once got rid of angina by gentle walking, jogging, and running. As I jogged and felt the pain increasing. I jogged more slowly, I slowed to a walk, I walked very slowly. As the pain receded, I picked up  the pace. As the pain began again I backed off my pace. I listened to the pain. I stayed close to the pain. I respect the pain and backed off from it promptly. I tried to do my activity daily and came close to that goal. In less than a year I no longer felt angina and have been free of that pain for decades.

I'm much older now and am feeling some constriction around the heart and am not physically fit so I am trying to to get more physically active. I am attending 'classes' at a gym and plan to begin do the maintenance on my rental myself.

I addition to increasing my physical activity and improving my diet, I may start drinking some hawthorn tea, taking co-enzyme Q10, magnesium, Vitamin E, zinc, and omega 3 oils. I.m already increasing my intake of garlic and onion. My stress level is fairly low, I've eliminated sugar and refined carbohydrates from my diet. Haven't smoked for over 30 years. I'm eating nuts and seeds.

The main thing now seems to be to increase my level of regular physical activity and to keep it increased.

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