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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Considering the following led me to the Ertebolle Culture:
Did Swedish bronze come from Ireland?
The name Danaan has referred to Greeks; probably to Milesian Greeks.
Danann came to Ireland
How and why do Danaan and Danann differ? 
Dana and Danu have referred to water deities.
Danube has the same source.

The Ertebolle Culture was to be found along Baltic shores before the Funnel Beaker Culture. From about 5600 to 4000 BC  they knew  the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and more.

Probably most of their sites are under water now. They lived on the sea. They traveled and  traded far along the shores and inland water ways. What did the Vikings learn from them?
They trapped fish. They fished the deep seas as well as close to shore. They took whales of all kinds, including dolphin. They used whale oil lamps. They took seal. They  hunted large mammals. They used grain and probably made beer. They harvested strawberries, raspberries, beets, and greens.

Their boats included large dugouts with sand hearths. 

They made pottery of a Russian-like type a bit like the Danubian. A people in Russia were good potters 10,000 years ago. Ertebolle woodworking was highly developed and showed a high level of art. They may have mined.

They valued and respected their dogs. Dogs were included in burial sites.

Their use of goosefoot as food or medicine and their use of red ocher in funerary practices makes them seem close to North American Indians.

What was the Ertebolle connection to the Irish Isle?

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