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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


If we discuss culture and other socially transmitted happenings, we may profit by using the culturally transmitted designation BC. With the use of BC we can begin to approach the year zero with all appropriate caution. If BC ends with the year -1 and AD begins with+1, shouldn't those ones be divided by a zero?

Let me here unequivocally state that the transmission of technology, like the domestication gourds, squash, and peppers in the South America 8500 B.C., is not directly related to VD. Still,in our world, it is true that VD and culture have long been associated.

Remains of lakeside dwellings in central Oregon, buried and preserved beneath lava from the eruption of mount Mazama about 8000 BC, showed that people there probably included in their diet sag, bison, rabbit, bear, sheep, deer, elk, hazelnuts, and blackberries. Poor backward souls! They used baskets, wore sandles, and allowed their children to lean to do likewise. What can I say: it's all culture.

At about the same time people in Nevada hunted many species of large game, including great ground sloth and mammoth. We could probably find an anthropologist, interested in the ethnology of later day aboriginal North Americans, who would tells that those North Americans told stories of hunting that sloth into very recent times. I seem to remember having heard the term 'atlatl' sung a 'stomp dance' not very long ago.

Why were there no mega-fauna found at the Mazama site?

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