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Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Would Sense, Percieve, Understand, and Speak Well

Do you see what you are looking at?
Would you truly see what you look at?
Would you store in your memory that which is right?
Would you have your mind grow in balance and purity?
Would you use your eyes rightly?
Would you have right understanding?
What would you know of your inner eye?
Could one contact a law of sight through meditation?
How is your word power?
How might you better benefit from silence?
Could one more properly understand and rightly use sound?
What sound impresses your mind?
Would you let the sound which comes through your throat be in accord with what you know to be true?
Would you know when to be silent?

Until one knows better, one does well to avoid:
~ speaking until it is worth while
~ slander
~ petty, small talk
~ malice of speech.

Do speak:
~ honestly
~ what you know to be the truth

Wise men have believed that: 
~ Words become flesh and that you utter the truth that frees you.
~ Your consciousness is the heart of you
~ It is okay to be happy and grateful.
~ It is good to attend to joy and reverence
~ Men deserve responsibility and light.
~ Help is available.

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