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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Family Tree Notes: Margaret

An ancestor of mine by the name of Margaret was born in Ireland ca. 1831 and died in Jackson County Missouri in 1889. She immigrated to the United States in about 1850 and settled in Iowa.

I believe that Margaret married Martin Carroll in Ireland. I think that her family name was Hennessy.

My main source for the information in these notes are from research recorded by my sister Gerry Hook.
However, some of it may have been supplied by my cousin, Kevin O'Carroll.

It seems Martin and Margaret parented two daughters in Kerry, Ireland in the town of Doon in Valley Bunion Parrish of Valley Bunion. Their daughter Mary was born there ca 1841. Their daughter Bridget was born their in 1844. It seems that Honora Fenaghty was a godparent for Mary and that a Margaret was a godparent for Bridget. Was that Margaret Carroll, Martins sister?

Margaret's daughter Mary married my great-grandfather, Mago William Sheehan, in 1860 in Des Moines County, Iowa and bore nine children.

Does anyone know of a town of Doon or a Valley Bunion in Kerry. Doon is not Dun is it. There are plenty of duns in Ireland. There Are fewer bunions that there once were.

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