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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Comfort

As I may be off on another driving trip soon, I thought it might be good to begin to consider my comfort on that trip now. First thoughts about comfort:
~ Remember what 'relaxed' feels like.
~ Remember the feel of comfort.
~ Find other transportation.
~ Listen to a really good CD.
~ Unplug completely.
~ Don't sit in what I intended to eat.
~ Stop for a treat.
~ Stop often.
~ Take a different route.
~ Take time to explore off the main road.
~ Give myself chances rather than taking undue chances.
~ Give myself more time.
~ Take more time.
~ Get Comfy.
~ Attend to my breath. Breathe big. 
~ Back off; I don't have to be part of the pack.
~ Have a good companion.
~ Loosen up.
~ Move more.
~ Stop for the 'hell of it.'
~ Remember that there is a place good enough for me to stop right here and right now.
~ and lots of other good stuff.

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