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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stuff About Guatemala: part one

Guatemala may be the most Mayan country. Guatemala may also be the country in which the Maya have been most continuously persecuted. U.S. wealth has paid the Guatemalan ruling class to kill Mayans for decades.  There are still a lot of Mayans there. Viva El Oriente! The Mexican ruling class has not focused on the persecution of Maya as persistently as has the Guatemalan ruling class.

Much of that recent (100 year) persecution has been, dear US citizen an example of your tax dollar at work. However, Guatemalans, like most people in the world, know that you have no idea of what your government is doing and so are very forgiving.

The Mayans have a healthy strength. The Spaniards could not completely dominate them. A fearful, powerful and murderous few of the Guatemalan oligarchy could not either. Recently that oligarchy has begun to see their great Mayan population as a possible resource to be exploit rather than crushed.

If you do not let shame overpower you, Guatemala can be a marvelous place to visit. You might even find a 'Mayan princess' there with a smile so radiant and goddess-like that it could energize you for a long time. Looking, you will probably also find fear, oppression, and poverty. Still there is beauty in Guatemala and many curious configurations of energy. With a little care you may also find abundant health comfort.

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