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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Whose power over food is unlimited?

Who has set out to be an over eater?

Some over-eaters have identified particular foods that tend to give them trouble. They find that there are some particular foods which they tend to over-eat.
They learn that they might find themselves compulsively eating a certain food.

An aware over-eater may decide to abstain from eating a certain food.

Some over-eaters become accurate observers of their eating behavior. They find their observation is a step toward more precise identification of a problem behavior of theirs.

Some over-eaters have discovered that their observation activity can lead to the specific identification of certain compulsive eating behaviors.

They have found that a bit more honest look at their life is often a step in the right direction. They find that asking questions about their life may help.

Some discover that they can be in better touch with their feelings than they once were. They improve the quality of their self-knowledge.  They find that improving their self-knowledge gives them a better chance for gaining power to effectively deal with the reality of their behavior.

Some have found that they have kept themselves from feeling certain discomforts or pains by eating. They found that they had protected themselves from a discomfort without ever looking at it's nature or source.

They find that awareness and realistically limited abstention are powerful tools for dealing with problem behavior.

They sometimes notice that their belief that  they already know what is best for them is mistaken.

They have heard others admit that they have not been able to stop over-eating.

They notice that they have been over-weight or out of shape for some time.

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