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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Me, My Life, and I

Wouldn't it take a thousand lifetimes to tell fully the life of one woman or one man?
The story of a man might be: he was born, he lived, he died.
What happened while he lived? All of it; everything.
In this second, what are you doing? What's happening within you? What's happening around you? What are you feeling? A lot, right?

I am much like every man, much like you.
One has asked me to tell about myself. What would he have me say? Whatever I say I must condense, symbolize, imply.
With what criteria would I choose an example for him? If he were truly interested wouldn't he dialogue with me so long as that interest persisted?

I shall try an honest shorthand description of my life and I:
~ I look and listen.
~ I explore.
~ I read.
~ I practice.
~ I share, experience, strength, and hope.
~ I have discovered, happenings, ways, means, functionings, structures, orders, doings.
~ I have developed skill.
~ I have loved more than I have hated.
~ I am mostly happy and grateful.

There, you have a telling of my life.


  1. Oh wow, this got every one going - fascinating input mixed with a good read.