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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dangerous Activity

I've been thinking. You can imagine what that might lead to.

A little fresh action might be good for me.

I have my limitations. I have many of the debilities of a man in his 70s. I have a tiny budget of only about $1600 a month.
Still, I could rustle up enough cash to fly about anywhere on earth: Morocco or Moldova, Norway or Nicaragua, Thailand or Tanzania. These destinations hold their attractions. Most of the flights sound painful and expensive.

I've traveled by sea freighter and as a non-tourist on a cruise ship. Those trips were good. However, the nature of that kind of trip has changed in recent decades.

It does seem that I do automatically tend to jump to thoughts  of trips and travel when I think of fresh action.
Well, all my life I've enjoyed exploration and discovery. Most of us need some novelty and variety and I seem to crave a bit more than do many. Travel does tend to provide abundant opportunity for exploration, discovery, novelty, and variety. Travel seemed a good fix for me in the past.

I'm just thinking out-loud. Gas is expensive, but I do owe a late model car that, at worst, gets better than 30 mph. I can still drive. I recently took a pretty long trip over much of the U.S.

I've been thinking that I'd like to try living in a city; perhaps right downtown in a city. I could drive to Quebec City and check it out. Learning French seems interesting. I wonder what it would cost to live in downtown Quebec City.

My mind isn't as sharp as it once was and my recall seems to shut down at occasional moments, but in general my mind seems good enough for exploratory travel.

I'm getting some ideas for activity that may well be pleasantly stimulating.

To be continued .......

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