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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Who would be willing to help me enjoy, in economical comfort, any of the following great towns and cities of Colombia?
~ Barichara
~ Medellin
~ Bogota
~ Villa de Leyva
~ Cali
~ Jardin
~ Manizales
~ Santa Marta
~ Santa fe de Antioquia

Which of the following places above would be the most comfortable to live in? clean air? good people? quiet sleeping?

I believe that I'd also enjoy looking around Neiva, Baranquilla, Pereira, Bucaramunga, Cartagena, Pamplona, Armenia, Salento, Tunja, San Carlos, Fredonia, San Andres, and .....

By the above my old friends will be able to tell that I am getting ready for another of my solo exploratory trips. Most of them wouldn't say that I am getting too old for such trips. .

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