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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Carson Hot Springs

This hot mineral water spa is a great value. As I remember it is ten dollars for one hour or for all day. You can have a lovely experience in the private bathes and in the large common pool. Because of a grandfather clause in the laws regulating spas, the waters in this spa are not subject to daily dosing with life killing chemicals nor are they subject to continual filtering and reuse. Instead, fresh water  is continually added throughout each day. In addition the pool is completely drained each night while it is cleaned. Each morning the cleaned pool is refilled with fresh hot mineral water.

This great health giving place is found quite close to the center of the capital city of Nevada, Carson City. It is waiting for your pleasure at 1500 Old Hot Springs Road.

The spa is not perfect. I once found that one of the private bathes seem not to have been well cleaned the night before. I complained and the management immediately offered me a fresh bathe. Still I was disappointed.

Many long time bathers at this wonderful old and well kept spa come early when the water in the pool is fresh and hot from its source deep in the earth. Some bathers call early in the morning to make sure of when to arrive so as not to have to wait for the pool to fill enough to enjoy and to be sure to enjoy the waters at their freshest. I come when i feel the urge. I know that cooled pool water is constantly being drained away and fresh hot water is being added to provide fresh water and to the temperature of the water at its best.

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