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Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's a Better Term Than "War Chest?"

Teachers in several states are subject to unfair Social Security penalties.
Good pension plans help to recruit high quality teachers.
A good pension plan helps to retain productive teachers longer.
CalRTA has worked to protect educator pensions for more than eighty years.
When teachers earn SS credits in other fields they are penalized.

Earned retirement benefits are being attacked.
Let's organize to lobby Congressional leadership.
Let's increase national pressure to repeal unfair WEP, "Windfall Elimination Provisions" penalties.
Let's increase pressure nationally to repeal unfair GPO. "Government Pension Offset" penalties.
Let's work an action plan to repeal unfair WEP/GPO penalties.
Let's organize local constituent action.
Thank you Dr. Ghica and CalRTA.

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