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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Man Improve?

Two hundred years ago many of our ancestors thought that man and mankind could improve. They believed that man could reform society and that we could progress. They believed that man could learn to cooperate to that end. They thought that distribution of powers and equality according to generally accepted law would be an improvement. They were lovers of reason, wisdom, liberty, and happiness. They thought that resistance to ignorance and support of learning were virtuous acts.

Two hundred years ago many of our ancestors saw industry as a way to enrich a few and to lower per unit cost. They saw the market as a no holds barred way to do onto them before they do onto us. They believed that the poor would always be, so exploit them and let them go to hell.

Three hundred years ago some of our ancestors saw the short term concentration of capital as useful to the progress of mankind through great works. They also saw that a lawless money marked kept good men from responsibility and gave bad men free reign to exploit who they would as the would.

What do you think today?

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