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Friday, January 27, 2012

History Questions Alert

~ When did the Spanish, French, and English realize that they had allied themselves with measles, small-pox, and tuberculosis?

~ Of what use may it be to know how New World discoveries affected Europe?

~ When is mankind subject to waves of deadly disease?

~ How does it feel to be on the road to certain death?

~ How true is it to say that the more money there is in circulation the less it is worth in relation to commodities?

~ When might you find the value of your debt dropping?

~ What did New World sweet potatoes and regular potatoes do for Europe and much of the rest of the world?

~ How can mercantilists love low wages? 

~ What is a great good of a joint stock company?

~ What drawbacks are sometimes associated with join stock companies?

~ How were Slavic slaves brought to Spain?

~ What can you tell us of the Mandingo and the Songhai?

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