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Monday, January 16, 2012

Crotalus tzabcan - Google Search

Crotalus tzabcan - Google Search

Link to photographs of the rattlesnake crotalus tzaban which I have substituted for the crotalus durissus durissus used by Jose Diaz-Bolio in his work The Geometry of the Maya. It appears that it is Mr. Diaz-Bolio's suggestion that the geometry, art, science of the Maya is closely related to the markings on the rattlesnake called Ahau Can on the Yucatan penninsula. Mr. Diaz-Bolio also makes connections between lunar chronology and the snakes markings. He considers the snake a great teaching sybmnol of the Maya.

I recommend to you The Geometry of the Maya by Jose Diaz-Bolio published in English in Merida, in 1987 Mexico as a translation of the 1965 original work in Spanish. I believe that you will find the reading and the black and white photos and drawings interesting and instructive.

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