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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Clute, Texas

Dow is here and so is the Arms of God River.  In Texas it's called the Brazos River. The weather here is warm, humid, and comfortable.
Went for a little 'wilderness' walk among the petro-chemical plants and saw a deer and a deer saw me.

Took me four days to get here from Jeff City. Houston and the greater Houston area are bigger than ever.
My time here on the gulf has been a pleasant learning experience and a great visit with a good friend.
Seems I've lost a post here. Where do lost posts go? In the lost post I mentioned Galveston and other stuff. No great loss
Next year I'll head for the Greater Morongo Basin and my little place on the California desert. Next year begins tomorrow, right? Probably won't get an early start. I'll try to avoid all large cities. I expect that I may take four to five days to get home.

Happy New Year!


  1. Just found this post now, January 2nd at ten in the p.m.
    Have a fun drive home.

  2. Thank you Gerry. Thank you for a great visit.
    How can you, after all your birthdays, still be younger than I?