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Monday, November 21, 2011

One Multi-blossomed Marigold


The wild flowers in my patio, which I have been nurturing since early April, are beginning to show the sear of winter, but they are stilling blooming. I have been enjoying their blossoms for eight continuous
  months now!
The Verbena shown above is not the only flower in bloom. Pretty yellow desert marigold are also still showing off. I had the little garden plot surrounded by eight potted cacti, but being wild, many of the plants escaped to areas beyond the surround.
The desert iguanas no longer come in to see them, the jack rabbits are to big to get into the patio area, and I haven't seen a ground squirrel for a few days. However, chipmunks still come in and seem to enjoy the flowers as do the cactus wrens. The cottontail seem to find great comfort in them and do not eat them.
These flowers are truly wild. They came into the patio area because they wanted to. The escaped the encircling cacti because the wanted to. One marigold has escaped the patio and is heading for the fence.

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