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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Move On/Occupy

Is it possible for one citizen to Move On and Occupy?

Move On and Occupy can often be on the same page.

I find myself empathizing  with some of the signs both of them hold up.

I'm not particularly fond of "Cut the top not mom and pop." or Status-qou; got to go.", but neither elicits wild eyed anger.

However, name calling can drive off one who was once a strong ally.
Name calling is counter productive. Very often words such as Liberal, GOP, Left, Right, Tea Party, WE The People, Conservative, Republican, Democrat, Progressive, etc are taken as very bad words. Of course words like anarchist, fascist, moron, hippie, communist can be taken as fighting words. Name calling does not prompt thought much less promote dialogue. Name calling does not bring people to your cause.

Occupy groups benefit by not name calling. Other groups can benefit by avoiding name calling too.

Remember that just using the name of another mans group can be taken as destructive name calling.

There are exceptions. One policeman trying to help one group to keep from blocking a busy driveway was saying "move on, move along."  One sign carrier hearing the officer say 'move on' heard "Move On." He enthusiastically said "Right on!"

You get your position across better without name calling.

Help the other guy to be understanding.

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