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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Islamic Ways

There is strength in our understanding of the past to help one from the present to a better future. There are Islamic men of the past pointing to an Islamic way to thrive in the present Islamic reality. There is Mohammed and the Qur'an. There is also much more.

Europeans stood on Islamic learning to get where they are. I have a Spanish friend who said that Europeans wouldn't have pants if it weren't for the Uma. The very word for word for pants may be of Islamic origin.

Learning is needed. Learning that enhances deep understanding is needed. It is needed by and for all equally. Equality of personal value is an important and a very Islamic concept. Am I wrong?

I'm just 'this guy.' I'm not Islamic. I look to be a secular person; yet I can say that God is everything to me. God is greater.

People of much of the world learned the value of the understanding of history from people of Islam.

Europeans' knowledge of trade, mathematics, medicine, chemistry, philosophy, geography, seamanship, navigation, politics, law, banking, agronomy and more began with people of Islam.

It is not wrong to feel pride in Islamic learning of yesterday and today. We know, of course, that learning is much more than memory.

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