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Thursday, September 22, 2011


We are guided, directed, steered through life in various ways. We are not rudderless. You and I have considerable responsibility for our ways.

There are ways in which we are in a boat together. Those ways seem worth talking about. With whom would you have a word about our ways. We have responsibility for the working of our boat. A certain amount of cooperation seems sensible.

Direction is important. The source of direction is important. It's important for our own boat and for the ship of state. Who steers the ship of state? "The ship of state" is a metaphor for what? What is a meta for?

We know what a body is. We recognize a body of water. My dictionary describes a body as 'an organized physical substance.' In a body material is made whole and single. Many bodies benefit from intelligent direction. We are part of the body that comprises the ship of state. Who shall be at the helm of that ship?

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