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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Peak Experience Seven

I'm not sure why I am spending so much time writing about this little trip. Can it be that I now easily imagine the end of trips? Am I giving myself permission to savor experiences I more quickly put behind me in earlier times?

I like to understand my motives, but I don't have to provide a rational for anything I do; not even to myself.

In my last post the movement of the earth had moved the Sierra between my sight and the sun. I could still the beautiful countryside well as I drove up the good, narrow, winding road. The light golden grass, dark green oaks, and dark cattle on steeply rolling hills was beautiful. I was already well above the worst of any smog. As the driver, I found myself giving the road abundantly of my attention. A passenger could have savored the  countryside more. I if you make this short intimate drive as a passenger, I suggest that you bring a camera.

I recognized the California Hot Springs building when I got to it in the dusk.

I felt myself empathizing with the woman I had talk with about the room. I imagined her as being one of those who had experienced little serious illness, but was now fairly certain that she was experiencing one now.

As I remembered, she had told me that the room was to be found at the first exit, past the Springs, on the right. I turned into the first exit and found myself behind a little post office in front of a darkened house. Didn't look promising. The next right was more promising. It was like a little community. I made out signs offering cabins for rent. Saw lights on in one that seemed to have been recently refurbished, but found one there. Drove to the end of one drive and found a place that looked like it had  a second story, but now lights were on and it did not look welcoming. I kept checking, getting out of the car from time to time.

It was dark and I was feeling a bit of apatite rising.


  1. Hope you didn't go hungry since arriving to this hamlet so late in the day.

  2. Yes, will I eat a hamlet? What will the night bring?