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Friday, August 19, 2011

Peak Experience Post Five

In the last Peak Experience Post I had stopped at a gas station to ask for directions. I was told that California Hot Springs was straight up the vary road I was on. I was told to stop at the Community of Coarse Gold. Now coarse gold is good news. Every placer miner finds coarse gold a pleasure. He might want nuggets as big as quail eggs and he knows that 'fines' hide in heavy black sands. He also knows that coarse gold pays for beans and may even pay-off the mortgage.

I headed for Coarse Gold. I was hungry when I arrived and ordered a carne asada meal. Such a whole meal could be produced without being pulled apart to accommodate my dietary restrictions. The meal was a peak experience. It was the simplest of Mexican meals: beans, rice, vegetables, and beef. It was well prepared. The corn tortillas did not come up to quite the standard of the rest of the meal, but they were good enough to ask for a second helping.

Before I ate, while I ate, and after I ate I spoke with many about California Hot Springs. We spoke of many ways to get into hot water, especial of those close to where we ate and of some all time favorites. No one knew of the California Hot Springs.

After eating I ask at a couple of more establishments on my side of the road and then crossed over to the other side. I the near distance an antique store took my eye. I entered that attractive shop and saw that it wasn't all glass and china and that there was no dust. There were also three or four well-dressed mature ladies.

The youngest of them offered to use their computer to help me find my hot water goal.

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