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Friday, August 26, 2011

Older Travel Post

I have no tickets or visas yet, but have the start of a plan: Fly to Colombia, probably into Bogota rather than Medellin. I can see the Gold Museum and the Salt Cathedral while in the Capital. Mis Piasanos de Antioquia no me van hacer falta. From Colombia go to Merida de Venezuela to take a look at the surrounding small towns. From Venezuela to Bolivia to take a pretty good look at that land-locked country. Venezuela and Bolivia are both new territory for me. Right now Bolivia seems very attractive. Maybe I can see the reality of the Tamengo Canal with my own eyes. Relaxing in the hot water at Salta, Uruguay again doesn't seem a bad idea either. While I'm thinking, I'll pack a bag. If I go to North Africa, South Africa, Indonesia, or Maldova I'll enjoy my own t

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