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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Name Calling

A radical has been thought by some to be a sort of social fundamentalist wanting to return to an imagined golden age of fundamentalism.

Others have thought of a radical as one who wanted to see that the tree of his society was well and firmly rooted in reality.

There are now those who see movement toward fundamental egalitarianism or a society rooted in reality as going off on a dangerous tangent.

Maybe it is time to let go of old names and to give simple, concrete examples of what we want. A statement of a simple, concrete example of a want may be formulated as a practical goal.
When we find a real goal that we can agree on, we can propose plans on how to achieve that goal. Once we agree on a plan we can go to work.

We need to practice talking effectively with those who seem very different from us.

Working out agreements on wants, goals, and plans seems better than calling each other Lutherans, Presbyterians, or worse.

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