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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Demand is you and I willing to buy and having money to do so. Without 'demand' there is practically no need for economics or finance. It is you and I who provide demand. The problem right now is that we don't have enough money to buy enough. Some of us don't even have jobs.

So we, the people, don't have jobs at which we can earn enough to create enough demand to give healthy impetus to the wheels of economy --- so to speak.

What do we do? You may have noted that we are a nation. There are some rights and abilities that nations have which an individual does not. We, as a nation, can collect taxes, for example. We can allocate the use of those takes in accord with the will of the people. If we say that we want an infrastructure which allows us to be better competitors among the nations of the world, we can have money allocated to building that infrastructure.

Of what might such an infrastructure consist?
~ abundant water appropriate for health industry and individuals,
~ efficient system and mechanism for efficient disposition(including recycling) for efficient industry and healthy citizens,
~ abundant health promoting energy for industry and all,
~ an excellently administered public health system(including research) so that industry has a health work force.

You can probably think of other beneficial infrastructure projects likely to benefit us all. Some people liked Ike because he encouraged the building of our nation highway system.

We can use our national money to employ ourselves in bettering our national infrastructure by doing what is necessary to have abundant good water at a reasonable cost well into the future.

We can spend the money we earn improving our national infrastructure and so create the demand which motivates the economy.

It's not likely to happen unless we make it happen.

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