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Thursday, August 25, 2011

After Landa

You might want to search this blog for Landa related topics to get an idea of what this post refers to.

You may remember that Diego de Landa, Bishop of Yucatan, was a man that some came to hate because of his early destruction of certain culturally and historically important items of the Maya. I tend to think of him as a man of his time, of the better sort. There are those who agree that he has gotten a bit of a 'bad rap.'

Here are some dates of related occurrences long after Diego's time:

1761 Jancito Canek Maya Revolt

1820 Inquisition ended in Mexico

1847 - 1901 Caste War*

1847 Maya/Yaqui uprising

1864 Crecencio Poot Maya raids

* Perhaps the greatest Maya related rebellion. It took 170 to 'pacify' the Maya; and then came the Caste War.

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