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Sunday, July 17, 2011


The following is is from what I sometimes call the ageless wisdom teachings. It only represents my limited understanding as of this day. Please forgive me if I write as if I thought that you have chosen me as your teacher. I do so mainly so as to avoid feeling the necessity to qualify each sentence.

You understand more and more that it is difficult to trust your senses appropriately. You believe that you have already been betrayed by them. They do not betray. You gather information and learn skills you need to interpret them appropriately.

You learn that when you say, "Those flowers smell beautifully." or, perhaps, "That smells like shit." you are using your words to betray yourself. You know that neither flowers nor shit has the ability to smell in the way you understand. On what levels does your mind 'understand' that which you say?

Some find the skill of right speech is easier to develop than is right perception. You will increase your sanity by learning both.

Take a few minutes of the next couple of days to note the ways in which men and women innocently say things which are incorrect to others and to themselves. When they say things which are not correct and when you say things which are not correct, minds are deceived. Find it best not to deceive your mind. Your mind tends to believe you. That mind is weakened and confused by the 'lies' you tell it. Your mind hears that which you say and believes much of that which is said with feeling. I may believe when it has only been told once.

Increase your power. Correct your ideas of your existence. Your mind is your tool tool for mastering your senses, your interpretations, and your communication. The more truth and reality your mind is treated to the more beneficently and effectively it will work for you.

You have the power to master a mind that is recognizing its power.

You have a great self. The better you treat it the more powerful its function.

It is a good practice to avoid telling yourself that which is not correct.

I teach to learn. Thank you.

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