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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Bunny Rabbits or cotton-tail are just rabbits when they are eating my verbena bare. I thought that maybe the season was making my verbena stems look bare. I knew that cotton tail and other little mammals were coming into my patio, but today I watched those rabbits eating the leaves and flowers from the stems of the verbena.

I really love the verbena, but it is great to watch the little critters too.

Yesterday I watched two families of quail in my little front yard.
I feared that I would lack the wild life when I left Camp Thunderbird for the village. Glad I didn't spend more time on the fear of that imagined loss; I'd have made it a greater loss.

Here I have my days are made better by being able to see almost as many animals and have the added pleasure of the verbena. And now that I consider it, I can see the animals at greater ease here.

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