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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Federal Republic of Germany

Could the mother of the Father Land be Prussia? Were Ancestors to 'Mother Prussia' on the Baltic Sea before Slav or Celt saw that sea? If Prussia was mother to Germany, could the father have been the Holy Roman Empire? I need these family affairs explained to me.

What do I think I know about Germans? They:
~ sometimes read my posts;
~ politically many support a Green Party platform;
~ celebrate their culture;
~ are interested in business, like designing and selling BMWs;
~ usually think Austrians are just fine;
~ are considered hard and able workers; they may have invented the protestant work ethic; for that matter, they may have invented Protestantism;
~ contributed much of the blood, genes, education, and science that lead to the development of the United States;
~ nurtured some of the most brilliant and productive Jews of the last couple of centuries. There is more to that story;
~ have one of the world's greatest educational systems and want to make it better;
~ take care of each other better than Americans do;
~ are interested in science and engineering, and have a love of the life sciences;
~ are learning to deal with immigrants and refuges;
~ are interested in classical music and the performing arts, including dance and film;
~ like elbowroom as much as Nordic peoples;
~ describe their government as a federal parliamentary republic, among other ways;
~ have the largest economy in the European Union;
~ gave us kindergarten;
~ are the source of Saxons, Franks, Frisians, Alimani, and Thuingii;
~ have had recent international relations interests in the European Union and the U.N. as well as in China, France, U.S., Greece, and Iran;
~ are often more citizens of the world then is the average American;
~ can drink beer, play soccer, and enjoy pop music.

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