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Friday, July 1, 2011

Drug Run to Mexico

Made another drug run to Mexico yesterday.

Forgot to bring my new little cellphone with me. I don't even know where it is now. I probably ought to keep it in the Suzuki.

I did remember to take my passport with me ... and to bring it back.

Paid about $49 for drugs. Here, the could have cost me about $700 the last time I checked! Gas cost me about $50 in my new little gas saver. The drive, one way, is farther than the run from Yucca Valley to Yuma.

I bought:
Amlodipino 5mg        100 comprimidos
Enlalopril 20 mg      400
Terazosina 2mg        100
Metoprolol 50mg       100

I don't have a doctor. After 40 years of taking my own blood pressure, I no longer do so. I have begun to forget to take my medication or to take too much.

I have probably made this particular run over three dozen times. I have probably taken as many different routs doing so.

Over the years more and more people have been going to Algodones to get drugs, glasses, and teeth. However yesterday there seen to be no one in the stores or offices. There were no lines of cars or pietones at the linea. There were few cars in the Indian parking lot.

If I keep making this trip much longer, I may have to find someone to help me get into and out of the car.

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