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Friday, July 1, 2011

Antonio Garra

Antonio Garra Sr. was a Native American Indian patriot. The "Daily Alta California" of December 18, 1851 stated that Garra was a Quechan by birth and was taken to Mission San Luis Rey at a young age. He became famous, infamous to some, for attempting to organize Southern California tribes, "to drive out all the whites"  These may have been his words, but probably were not. He did have plenty of words. I believe that he spoke five Indian languages as well as Spanish and English.

He was know for being energetic, determined, and courageous. He is quoted as being against Indians being taxed without representation.

He was part of a coalition of California Indian groups which included in its leadership Juan Antonio, Cabezon, Juan Bautista, and himself. The purpose of the coalition was to gain an maintain certain political and economic rights for Indians of the regions.

He may have been betrayed by certain Californios.

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