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Saturday, June 25, 2011


I believe that that knowing is a process as believing is a process. Believing and knowing are very probably part of one reality. I believe that realizing is a very similar process. I believe that experiencing the process is more important than the word.

I believe that their are qualities of knowing which might be named: good, better, and best.

I bet that I can list more than 17 phrases which point usefully to parts of the process of knowing:
~ Attend to the wise men of the past.
~ Decide to honor and value your Personal experience.
~ Be aware of trying and attempting.
~ Intend to understand.
~ Observe your trials and attempts and attempts and the ensuing results.
~ Consider the nature of a wise man.
~ Attend to and focus on here and now happenings.
~ Evaluate the rules, principles and laws you use.
~ Review your memory of previous evaluations and happenings.
~ Improve your understanding of evidence.
~ Allow your imagination to create using true to life facts and the your best rules, laws, and principles.
~ Attend to degree of probability.
~ Be alert to ways of knowing.
~ Attend to reasoning and rationality.
~ Recognize your use of ways of knowing.
~ Embrace and honor your knowing.
~ Evaluate witnesses, experts, and documentation.
~ Quantify data when you can.
~ Check to see if doing the 'same' thing gets the 'same' results.
~ Be grateful for your power and tools.

I don't have any more phrases in mind just now, so it seems time to count. If you found a useful phrase, you may thank me. I will thank you if you add a phrase. I count twenty. How many do you think are good. Which one do you believe is good. Which one are you closest to knowing is good?

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