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Sunday, June 12, 2011

End of Driving Trip

I'm back without having a stroke. Great! I'm pleased to be home, but am 'up' for another trip.

I didn't go to Sacramento, Davis, or Ventura as I considered.

I did go up a narrow mountain road, trying for an interesting short-cut, to a point where-at snow-clearing equipment was stalled in drifts which seemed to have turned very icy. I turned back.

Continued to find comfortable, and attractive, motel rooms for under $60 a night.

The air in the Reno/Carson City area seems better than the air here in Joshua Tree where the air is good. I'm on a sort of smog free island here surrounded by a great sea of smog. The other such islands are usually high mountain communities.

On my little lot here I have already seen dove, road runner, chipmunk, iguana, cotton-tail and a little cockroach. I don't remember ever having seen a cockroach in the other four places I have owned here.

My brother Dorian was here while I was gone and has called. I am sorry I missed his visit. He was complimentary of the looks of this little place. He should see Camp Thunderbird.

Rex Called and seems well. Bridget called and seems to be doing a good job of passing through her ordeal.

My next driving trip may include fewer miles. I could go to California Hot Springs, which is not far from the town of Porterville. I have been to California Hot Springs, but not recently. The water there comes up through granite and arrives pure, hot, and crystal clear. I t has a low level of mineralization and is great drinking water.
From there I could try Miracle Hot Springs just below Lake Isabella. I've not been there.
I could go on to Tacopa Hot Springs not far from the community of Shoshone, just outside of Death Valley Nation Park. Tacopa is the only government sponsored public bathing facility at which nudity is mandatory. No bathing costume permitted. There is a division between the men's water and the women's. I could visit these three quite different spas and travel much less that I did this time.

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