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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ecological Sanitation

If only 1% of global water is drinkable, than that 1% is a precious resource. Part of that precious 1% is being used for purposes other than drinking; its being flushed down toilets. A water of lesser quality could be used for such a purpose. There are good arguments being presented for using more of the available ecological sanitation technology to process water of less than drinkable quality for purposes other than drinking.

People in China are using toilets which separate urine from feces. The urine is evaporated and the remaining solids are used as a fine fertilizer.

People in Germany are separating grey-water from black water. The grey-water is treated and used for flushing and cleaning water.

There is some interesting information on-line. You might start your search with "ecological sanitation." Here are sites I thought interesting:

This last one seems especially good.

Ecological sanitation can be defined as a system that:
~ prevents disease and promotes health,
~ protects the environment and conserves water,
~ recovers and recycles nutrients and organic mater.

Some day you may 'give someone shit' and they will thank you.
The idea is the conversation of resources and the safe reuse of resources. Still, a guy could make a buck.

All this toilet talk reminds me of the discussion about change in direction of the swirl north of the equator and south of the equator. Those who talk as though they know something may speak of the Coriolis effect. The Coriolis effect my be interesting, but seems to not be germane. Rim jets are germane. The direction that the bowls rim jets are pointed is the determining factor for swirl direction.

Wish someone would explain how the Coriolis force of the earth's rotation might be expected to effect swirl.

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