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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Before 4500 BC big things were happening among the Ertebolle folk in Denmark. But, by that time, they were also learning new age stuff from the Danubian people.

More recently the World Gallup Poll published that the Danes are some of the happiest people on earth. Very little is rotten in Denmark. Even so, things aren't perfect there. Just as they feel that they are getting things just about right, the world changes and they begin to readjust.

They have become pretty good a readjusting, in part, because of their politics. You might think that, being a small country of seeming homogeneity, politics would be simple. Not so; there is contention. There seems to be a great variety of political vies among these Norsemen and women.

They have a multiparty system of government. It seems usual to see, what we might call and administration, a government made up of from four to six parties. They define a party much as we used to: a defined group of people with somewhat shared views, who can cooperated enough to to support a platform and representatives. Representation is proportional.

Its a parliamentary system. I'm not an authority on the system, but the main idea seems to be that an 'administration' can't govern against a majority in Parliament(Congress).

Some of the things that Danes seem to truly appreciate in their government are:
~ transparency,
~ openness in action and communication,
~ accountability,
~ knowing who is doing what,
~ knowing what each representative and party is doing for whom,
~ proportional representation,
~ consensus building.

We might benefit by learning a bit more about proportional representation.

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