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Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm trying to figure-out what 'thing' refers to.

There is a Rabbi who I like and respect. I told him that I was thinking about 'thing.' He reminded me that the Rabbis of old suggested that it was best to focus on the business at hand. And that they said men were too often attracted to mysteries to deep for them and were so led to unhealthy mental activity. He said that the Rabbis of old would probably 
recommended that I avoid thinking about those things. I'm pretty sure that I am paraphrasing him fairly.

Anyway I decided that I would begin thinking of a small thing rather than a big thing. I'd think of a particle. My thinking led me to the following statements:
~ A particle is a small localized object.
~ A particle is a collection of masses.
~ Mass is a property of matter.
~ Mass is a property of energy.
~ Matter is the substance of which physical objects consist.
~ Energy is something like capacity for change in a system.
~ Matter is that which contributes to energy-momentum of a system.
~ I may be getting into the unhealthy part.
~ A system may be a sort of configuration, but
~ What is energy-momentum?
~ Does it matter?
~ Let me get real.
~ Energy is the ability to exert pulls and pushes.
~ Momentum is the product of a body's mass and linear velocity.
~ It seems that we are not sure what a 'body' is.
~ For now, I'll call momentum movement.
~ Is movement always?
~ What does it mean to say energy is equivalent to matter?
~ What did we say matter is?
~ What if it is no thing?
~ How real is it?
~ When is energy not movement?
~ What shapes energy?
~ What is the pattern of energy?
~ Is any thing?

Maybe I'll just study the old Rabbis a bit.
Wonder if they want to go out for a beer.

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